How To Deal With Spiritually Induced Alcoholism

They don’t call it gin (similar to the arabic word for a type of entity – a djinn) or wine and SPIRITS for nothing…

Take it from me, alcohol abuse is a form of a SPIRITUAL ATTACK!

Let me tell you why…?

See, people drink for various reasons: we drink to relax, unwind, chill from a hard day at work. Some, well, MOST… to escape. However, when HAVING to drink because of an OVERWHELMING URGE results in migraine headaches where you can’t think, as if “something” is STARVING IF YOU DON’T DRINK – then it’s a spiritual problem!

Let me tell you my story…

For the longest period of time – stemming back from my stint of having lived in my original apartment – the more spiritual, psychic I evolved (I also stayed exposing reptilians on youtube in which they would come for my behind with a fine tooth comb...

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Entities and Shadow People Captured On Film

This was just SOOO obvious, I could not contain it. This proves there is a Spirit World:

Here is the original pic:

Here is another one taken a few minutes before where you can see something “forming”:

Here is another one taken of a shadow entity. “Something” even told me to shoot in that direction (I had a cute biracial kid tell me he saw plenty of these as I had seen the other night which you can see for yourself:

As I said here in my article on the Age of Aquarius: the veil between the worlds is thinning, the 4D marrying with the 3D and 5D marrying the 4th dimension and 3rd dimension and with our came...

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Results of Using An EVP App

This tripped me out!

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Check Out My Demon Reptilian Eyes

These are really MY REAL EYES (not all the time) BUT LOOK CLOSELY CAUSE THIS IS NOT A MISTAKE OF THE CAMERA (I even through in a “normal” one alongside the shapeshifting one so you can see the difference that there was no difference in movement, etc. on my part it just came out like that):

Here is a close up of my eyes in one of the pics:


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Seeing 4D Astral Bug Animal Wildlife or Spirits

Could these be 4D astral bugs or simply animal “spirits”?

I recall when I was a little child – I musta been no more than 5 years old – I saw a crab shaped entity-silhouette kinda, like this:

I recall staring at it for an UNUSUALLY LOOONG period of time – lol – and trying to determine whether it was real or fake, whether what I WAS SEEING was real or fake! That said… I realized from that point on I could see “animal spirits”…

Since then I’ve seen GIANT ASS COCKROACHES, STICK BUGS, GIGANTIC SNAILS, FROGS, (QUITE POSSIBLY) MY DEAD TURTLE (IT LOOKED A HELLUVA LIKE HER) AND OTHER GIGANTIC SIZED BUGS AND ANIMALS! Sometimes I can see them out the corner of my eye or via (sometimes) shiny, reflective objects like glass and mirrors (whatever I use for witchcraft) and sometimes if it senses I sense...

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The Art of Facial Divination

You may ask what is “the art of facial divination”?

Well, in this video here:

I manifest by explaining two people who – in short – I can see right through! That said, ever since I was a little girl I was always gifted with the ability to read people esp. energy vampires and read through people and see them for what they are. It is a gift that comes in handy in the real world in which you try to assess someone so you can avoid the folly of getting involved with em before it’s too late!

I have always been able to “read spirit” and see past people and see em for what they REALLY ARE and not what they pretend to be!!

That said because of this, folks can’t fool me and I can read people for other people, too, so you can avoid that folly!

For more info or to get in touch with me regarding my s...

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My FIRST Review For Successful Spell Casting Work

I feel so honored! I just received my FIRST SUCCESSFUL REVIEW for spell casting (it was a revenge spell). You can read it below:

Basically and even I AM SHOCKED AT THE FACT it only took about 3 days (with the No. #3 being significant in numerology: ) for it to work amd it WORKED GOOD! The spirits I work around and employ DO. NOT. PLAY! They are great protectors and also know how to administer successful spellwork! With my extensive knowledge of The Spirit World which includes feng shui, voodoo, santeria, satanism, hinduism, chakras and kundalini, knowledge of locations it all makes for a veritable, FORMIDABLE concoction when it comes to dealing death blows and severe repercussions as a result of my spell work.

I won’t say WHO I work with (many foolish witches make the MISTAKE of saying it...

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Demonic Possession Multiple Personality Disorder And The Movie “Split”

I went to see the movie, “Split,” with James MacAvoy last Friday at The Grove Theatres near Hollywood, in Miracle Mile, Los Angeles. Here are some pics of me going there:

Anyways, knowing about demonic possession and becoming what I now realize (based on my personal real life experiences) a shaman, I couldn’t help but see “demonic possession” in James MacAvoy through his CONSUMMATE, PERFECT he performed his role:

Look at how BLACK his eyes are…

All actors “change” and become something else but he was too good which brings me to my next point…

In contrast to Haley Lu Richardson who I saw method acting in:

There is one scene she’s standing up and gyrating her hands in the basement that gave me the impression of method acting.

I couldn’t help but notice that James wasn’t being “himself...

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