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…Yes, my eyes can naturally do that!

Those with high level spiritualism can pull this off. The changing of the eyes is what is called “biokenisis”. I posted that pic along with this:

This occurred after having a “vision” of Thor. MY EYES ARE NATURALLY NOT THIS LIGHT!

– My eyes are typically dark brown.

So you can SEE what I can spiritually do for you…

That said, mastering the spiritual arts takes a looong time and alot of discipline and DEFINITELY alot of courage (it is not for the faint of heart)! That said, I have gone through alot of trials and tribulations in the process to become “Whole” – spiritually: uniting my light and dark side (which I lost for a very long time due to trauma and had to get back ON MY OWN), the Divine Feminine (basically, the Divine Feminine is dealing with the Spirit World) with the Masculine and learning my way – on my own – to work via the morass and massive minefield that is the True Spirutual Realm.

Basically, in essence, I know what I am talking about!


That said, I offer one on one personalized classes in which I teach what I know (I can do bigger ones based on the need). I tell you my experiences so that those on the true Spiritual Path (I don’t mean the fluffy new age bs!) can learn with a little bit more ease then I had to navigate that path so they can ultimately arrive on the road to True Spirituality and thus true freedom…

I also offer shamanism services in which I perform soul retrieval, etc. That said, and I can tell you from experience having lost a part of my self in my mid to late teens while in high school due to a trauma, when you experience soul loss, you lose a part of yourself. In my case – and it took a long time to admit this to myself – I practically and literally lost in a way access to the right side of ny brain, the right side of me, my soul, which caused me to become awkward, dramatically WAYYYY less creative and pretty much lose the sense and aspect and part that made the soul of me (I am an artist). It was even harder to admit in later years that a person caused it cause I always told myself I’d never let someone change me – then I did, giving that person power! It got to me and got to my ego but overtime via the Spirit World and being honest with myself I gained it back and thus a part of me returned and so thus my power! I noted that via my interactions with the Spirit World I became 10x stronger spirituay and mentally than I ever was. Thus I learned from there that everything that happened had to happen.

Now, let’s get to why I think everyone is here:

Spellcasting Services:

I offer all sorts of spellcasting services, everything ranging from love spells to death spells and revenge spells, my specialty as you can read here:

See, everything – the whole entire universe – revolves around energy so when you experience soul loss due to a trauma, that is because essentially that person whether they consciously realize it or not took your energy!

It is up to YOU to get it back! As a matter of fact, let me relate a story that took place while I was out of my body which correlates to this. That said, I recall after inducing myself out of body seeing what appeared to be a “shadow person” wearing a “top hat” – also known as the “Hat Man”, hoovering over my bed. I fought him and when I returned TO MY BODY I felt energized. When I got back out and he “whipped my arse,” I LOST ENERGY! That is because he took MY ENERGY after he beat me up the second time just as I took HIS energy after whipping him the initial time.

That said, I also offer services for addictions, many of which are based on spiritual causes of which I kicked one myself I talk about it more here:


I consider myself an intuit reader. I use a deck called the “Gilded Deck” by Ciro Marchetti:

That said, I charge $25 for 30 mins and $55 for 60 mins. We can do this via phone, which is preferable via here: 323-593-4865 or via videoconferncing like Facebook Messenger, etc. or via email or via an email. Contact me here first: to tell me what you want!

If you are looking to book an appointment, schedule a reading or want to talk about what you want to do or what plans you plan to achieve with my services, contact me here:
Thank you!